Living Up to the Legacy of William R. Ming, Jr: A Commitment to Civil Rights and Social Justice

William R. Ming, Jr.  was a trailblazer, a central – and some would say unsung – figure of the Civil Rights Movement, and one of the greatest legal minds in the last century. During his career as an attorney

A fair shot: Why a criminal record should not prevent one from rebuilding a life

This is the easiest of the hard part. That is what I told an audience of hundreds of men and women who attended an event in Chicago last weekend to access legal help in getting their criminal and/or court records sealed and expunged. 

In Chicago, Pursuing the "Righteous Path"

Last weekend, while in town for a court appearance and for a speaking engagement at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, I had the pleasure of talking with Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell and being featured in her Sunday column. We had a wide-ranging conversation spanning the details of my wrongful conviction, how and why I decided to become an attorney, and the creation of my law firm.