All persons in the United States have the right to be free from government abuse, misconduct and the unfair application of the law.  When these rights are violated, the Civil Rights Act and other laws empower civilians to sue government actors and their agencies for their wrongs and atrocities.  In fact, this is a way that civilians can force governments and their agents to be held accountable for their misconduct and change official policies and practices.

Relief for civil rights violations usually comes in the form of money damages, known as compensatory and punitive damages.  Compensatory damages are compensation for losses that are suffered.  Punitive damages punish officials for their actions and are awarded in cases of gross misconduct.

Jarrett Adams Law, PLLC has successfully tried and settled civil rights cases, and has obtained awards for its clients.

Jarrett Adams Law, PLLC only handles civil rights cases on a retained or contingency basis (does not charge client but receives a portion of the fee if the litigation is successful). The firm is selective in the cases it takes on and only expends its time and resources where governmental misconduct is egregious and injury is significant.  

The types of civil rights cases that Jarrett Adams Law, PLLC takes are wrongful convictions, false arrest, malicious prosecution, and police brutality cases. 

Here are some examples of cases that were won by Jarrett M. Adams; 

Charges dropped in 1989 murder investigated by Chicago cops tied to Jon Burge

From Defendant to Defender: One Wrongfully Convicted Man Frees Another