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Sentence modification

Once a defendant has exhausted his or her right to a direct appeal, one of the few remaining ways to challenge a sentence is to move the court to modify the sentence based on "new factors." A new factor is a fact or circumstance highly relevant to the issue of sentencing which was not known to the Court at the time of the original sentencing, either because it was not then in existence or because it was inadvertently overlooked by all of the parties. Whether something is a "new factor" thus depends on what the sentencing court actually considered to be important when imposing sentence.

In addition to showing a new factor, the defendant must convince the court that the new factor should make a difference in the sentence imposed under all the circumstances. This would include taking into account the defendant's conduct since the time of the original sentencing as well as any other bad (or good) conduct by the defendant that comes to light after the original sentencing.

Civil Rights

Jarrett Adams has experience representing people who have been wrongfully accused. If you feel you have been wrongfully accused and your case was mishandled, or if a loved one has had his/her rights violated while incarcerated, we are here to get you justice. Contact us a consultation.


Wrongful Convictions

If you or a loved one has been wrongfully convicted, the Law Office of Jarrett Adams is here to help.  Jarrett Adams has worked to overturn wrongful convictions with the innocence project on cases involving police misconduct, eyewitness misidentification, fabrication of evidence, and coerced and false confessions. Contact us for a consultation. 

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Jarrett Adams is an attorney with the Innocence Project, Co-Founder of Life After Justice, re-entry specialist and advocate for criminal justice reform. Before Jarrett founded Life After Justice, he found himself in a fight for his life and justice, after being sentenced to serve 28 years in a maximum security prison at 17 years old.


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