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We specialize in criminal defense and civil rights cases, and practice in both state and federal courts. Jarrett M. Adams is admitted to practice in the State of New York, Southern District of N.Y. and the Northern District of Illinois federal courts.  Jarrett has practiced in other states through pro hac vice, a motion to the court.



While working with the Innocence Project, Jarrett Adams and Innocence Project Staff Attorney Bryce Benjet, represented Richard Beranek, who's serving a virtual life sentence for a 1990 sexual assault conviction in Dane County. He was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault but the prosecuting team couldn't materialize correct witnesses. The defense team put on six witnesses who said he was staying with his sister in North Dakota the month of the assault. Additionally, the defense offered one of the nation's leading experts who said the FBI agent's testimony far overstated the science at the time, that just because two hairs are microscopically indistinguishable did not mean, even in 1990, that they "match," and certainly not with a level of certainty the agent evoked with his testimony. 

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While working with the Innocence Project, Jarrett Adams, Innocence Project Staff Attorney Bryce Benjet and Joey Mogul at the People’s Law Office, represented Kevin Bailey, who served nearly 30 years of an 80-year sentence, for a murder in 1989 he did not commit. DNA testing showed that hair found in a Dominos Pizza hat left by the murderer at the crime scene came from the same man who shed hair on a towel found at the feet of the murder victim.  Bailey was excluded as the source of these hairs. 

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Jarrett Adams is an attorney at The Law Office Of Jarrett Adams, PLLC, Co-Founder of Life After Justice, re-entry specialist and advocate for criminal justice reform. Before Jarrett founded Life After Justice, he found himself in a fight for his life and justice, after being sentenced to serve 28 years in a maximum security prison at 17 years old.


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